About Nala


Hey! I’m Mel, the face behind Nala.


Yep, I’m a red head so passionate and fiery are my middle names. I’m a mum of three boys (hence why I swear…a lot!). I’m a woman whose life has been changed by an illness and with that, my body changed too. I struggled to find clothes that made me feel confident and sexy so that I could continue to show up in the world and say f*ck yeah, I’ve still got this.


That’s why I created Nala. Nala is built on not only a love for clothes, fashion and my ever-growing shoe collection (92 pairs at the last count - I need help!), but the heart of Nala is the pure appreciation that fashion is power. It’s emotion, it’s self-confidence and it’s damn right fun!


You know, that feeling when you feel absolutely amazeballs in an outfit and you instantly feel like Queen B? That is the BEST feeling. And that’s how I want you to feel every single time you rock a Nala outfit. #nalababe


I love making a change in women’s lives. Hearing your stories help me work my magic on unleashing your personality through the superpower that is fashion. We’re on this journey together and I’ll always have your back (and champagne of course!).


So, take a snoop at my latest collections and see what takes your fancy. I can’t wait to kick-start this friendship with you.


Welcome to the #nalatribe girlfriend.


Love, Mel